19 Riverwood Drive, Ashmore. Qld. 4214

Monday - Friday: 8:30am to 6:30pm and Saturday: 8:30am to 12:30pm 


I highly recommend Bowen on the Coast.  Deb is caring,   intuitive and excellent at what she does. Bowen REALLY

 works and when carried out by such a dedicated and              professional technician as Deb, your body will respond        with great results.  I had suffered for many years with a damaged coccyx as a result of a horse riding accident.  Deb was instrumental in my complete recovery.  Make an appointment - you won't be sorry!

  Sandra Robinson - Brisbane


    Debbie is a dedicated practitioner with a real talent!  I  highly recommend her.  She fixed my sciatica after years and years of physio, chiro and acupuncture.     Bowen therapy fixed me in only a few sessions!    

  Sandy Scicluna - Sydney

Debbie is an amazing, caring and intuitive healer.  She helped my daughter Emma with her fractured coccyx.  My body has always responded well to all treatments I have had from Debbie.  Choose Debbie and you will be pleased with your results.   

  Michele Karst - Mackay

I have been having Bowen treatments from Debbie for years whilst I lived in Mackay and I would not change this technique for anything else!  I highly recommend Debbie from Bowen on the Coast.

  Rosalyn Holland - Ipswich​

I am preparing for a body building competition so I work out at the gym  lot.  Sometimes I overdo it and Debbie has always helped my muscles recover in time for my next gym session.  I highly recommend Debbie!

  Ryan Richards - Brisbane

Bowen Therapy on the Coast

I've been going to Debbie for Bowen treatments for many years.  She is lovely and professional and I've had wonderful results with her.  I highly recommend Bowen on the Coast!

  Shinae Faltinsky - Brisbane

Client Testimonials

Debbie is truly worth booking for relieving all sorts of pain that you are feeling.  Personally, she has helped me manage my TMJ disorder, better than any other practitioner.  Believe me, I have tried acupuncture, remedial massage and phsyio but Bowen is by far the most effective.     

  Jessica Bryan - Mackay