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Who Can Benefit From A Bowen Treatment?

Thomas A Bowen (1916 - 1982) developed this technique in Geelong, Victoria.  After serving in WWII, Bowen became interested in ways to alleviate human suffering. He began to notice that when he made certain moves on the body, it had particular effects.  

This technique is unique in that it was developed without any previous training.  In fact he frequently stated his work was a gift from God.  He regularly treated over

13, 000 patients per year and in dedication to his work Geelong erected a statue in his honour. 

Over a period of years he developed the system to the professional modality as it is practised today.  There are over 30 000 practitioners working in 38 countries in the world. 

Meet Debbie

What Can You Expect From A Bowen Treatment?

The Original Bowen Technique is an extremely effective form of body therapy that stimulates a powerful healing process within the body on all levels.

Bowen consists of rolling movements over the fascia, specific muscles, tendons and ligaments which are specifically designed to reprogram, realign and rebalance the musculo-skeletal and nervous system.  The cellular memory allows the whole body to correct and heal itself. The Bowen Technique also addresses internal organs and is extremely safe and appropriate for anyone.

How Can It Help You?

What Is The Bowen Technique?

Debbie has been involved in the Natural Therapy industry for 19 years and has specialised in Bowen Therapy for the past 14 years.  She has a diploma of Bowen Therapy, diploma of Counselling and a Cert 111 in Individual Support,  Ageing and Home Care(AIN). She is also a member of the Bowen Therapy Association of Australia and Bowtech, following the original technique as founded by Tom Bowen.  

Debbie has undertaken specialised training in treating stroke, chronic fatigue, sports, aged care, and emotional release with Bowen Therapy.  Debbie is also a Reiki practitioner and practices massage , sports massage

You may have heard of Debbie from Mount Tamborine Bowen and Natural Therapies (currently open) and prior to that Debbies Bowen and Natural Therapies in Mackay, Queensland (closed). 

Where Did Bowen Originate?

Bowen Therapy on the Coast

We discuss your health issues and then I will assess your posture and check for any restrictions in your range of movement while formulating at a treatment plan. I will then ask you to lie on the massage table so that I can apply the specific Bowen moves required for your particular condition. 

During the treatment there are pauses to allow your body to relax so that the treatment can take affect. Also so that your body receives clear messages.  Moves are generally applied directly onto skin, but may be done through light clothing and no oils or lotions are used.  Treatments usually take an hour but can take less time, depending on individual needs.

Most people can benefit, including pregnant women, newborn babies, the frail and elderly.  Bowen Therapy is often requested to help relieve the pain and discomfort of various physical conditions.  In these days of stressful living, preventative treatments such as Bowen are like super for your health.  Any investment made now will pay dividends in the future.

About Bowen Therapy

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Pain is a universal condition and is experienced by everyone at some stage in life.  A high percentage of people are searching for alternative methods of therapy to manage their own bodily stresses.  

Bowen Therapy is an all embracing holistic approach to improve the quality of life and may be used for a broad range of conditions from sports and work injuries to chronic complaints.  Bowen Therapy is also useful on many organic conditions such as asthma, headaches, circulatory problems and lymphatic and venous drainage, whilst also helping assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins.